Things to Know About Your New York City Rental BEFORE You Sign the Lease

Check out my featured post on Mary in Manhattan where I discuss what renters need to know before they sign on the dotted line!

Mary in Manhattan

Welcome back to guest writer, Nikki R. Thomas, Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker and New York City Blogger! Follow her blog, Nikki in NYC and be sure to read her previous article on owning a home in NYC.

After spending who knows how many hours tracking down listings and hitting the pavement, you’ve FINALLY found a great new rental! Woo hoo!

renting apartment new york city Credit: Nikki Thomas

But wait just a second…

Before you sign the lease, be sure you’re clear on all the important points below.

**IMPORTANT NOTE – This is NOT nor is it intended to be legal advice! If you have any questions about your lease, consult a real estate attorney!!!**

  • New Rent Law Changes
    • First and foremost – be in the know about the recent changes to New York state’s rent laws. They don’t just apply to rent regulated apartments – some changes apply to market…

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