Small Space Solutions – The Bedroom

One of the challenges of living in New York City is that the vast majority of us don’t really have a lot of space to work with in our homes. So efficient living is foisted upon us whether we want it or not.

But living small can be made a lot easier (and more fun) with some great tips for how to maximize your spaces, and that’s what this series is all about. I’ve combed the web for some of the best small space solution articles and will share them with you here on my blog.

Now that your bathroom is finally ready to accept guests without fear of humiliation thanks to tips from the previous installation of this series, it’s time to turn our attention to…

The Bedroom


It’s the place where you begin and end your days…assuming you don’t tend to fall asleep on the couch from time to time, like yours truly. So one would think that this room would be the one that offers the most serenity and relaxation. Yet frequently, this area can be the scene of a bunch of chaos in your home – perhaps you (like myself) have to battle your tendencies to form a chairdrobe or, worse yet, a floordrobe (yes, those are both real things). Or maybe you’re afraid to open your closet too far for fear of all the things that will come tumbling down upon you. But fear not! The links below provide some fantastic tips to turn your bedroom into a more blissful space.

Bedroom Organizers (Martha Stewart)

20 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms (Sunset)

20 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet (Apartment Therapy) 

Storage Solutions for Small Bedrooms (Better Homes and Gardens)

10 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Larger (Freshome) 

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