Summer Rewind – Farewell to the Season

After all the anticipation, through the doldrums of winter and the temperamental weather of spring…just like that…*poof*… summer is about to be done. I’m sad to see the season go, but this year was really an enjoyable time, overall. Things started off incredibly hectic, but they evened out just enough for me to enjoy some super pleasant weekends with friends, family or just plain solo. I didn’t take too many photos to capture some of my summer moments (which I now regret as I compose this post, heh). But, of the ones I did take, here are just a few of my favorite shots.

Strolling around Brooklyn Bridge Park

Hitting Up Le District and enjoying Umami Burger for the first time

A short weekend in Washington DC with my dad, checking out a few monuments at the National Mall

A late summer afternoon stroll in Central Park

Yes – I AM outside! And it’s awesome!

2015-07-11 19.23.11

Fare thee well summer… until next year…

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