Real Estate Predictions for 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

It’s hard to believe, but 2015 is officially here. Seriously though, where did 2014 go???

It’s time to take a look at the expert’s views on what lies ahead for the real estate market, both locally and nationally. The waters are still choppy, but the overall feeling is still one of cautious optimism, similar to the start of 2014. There’s a feeling that we may finally be on our way back to normal nationwide.

What’s going to happen with NYC real estate in 2015? Some industry experts offer their opinions. 15 Predictions for NYC’s Housing in 2015 (DNA Info)

Where’s housing headed in 2015? Here are 5 things to watch to find out, according to the Wall Street Journal. Five Things to Watch in Housing in 2015 (WSJ)

Although, increasingly, the housing market seems to have turned the corner, there are still some factors which could derail it. Five Biggest Threats to the Housing Market (CNN Money)

2015 may mark the year when first time homebuyers are finally able to get into the mix of things again. Housing 2015: The Return of First Time Homebuyers

More predictions for the NYC real estate market, courtesy of New York Yimby. YIMBY’s Predictions for 2015 in New York City Real Estate

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