Fun in Fall – Apple Picking Upstate

Apple Picking 2014 - 1

When the middle of October rolled around, I had one thing on my mind – apple picking! It’s hard to believe that prior to 2012, I had never been apple picking in my entire life. Even worse, my knowledge of apples overall was limited by what I had seen in grocery stores. That’s quite a shame considering the vast variety of apples here in New York state. But now, I have a much better appreciation of all things apple (especially pie, hard cider and scones…mmmm) 🙂

The outlook for our apple picking weekend wasn’t so great at first. The forecast called for rain, rain and more rain. But two of our intrepid friends decided to tag along anyway – they had never been apple picking before, and they darn sure weren’t going to let a bit of rain cheat them out of the opportunity to experience it. To make matters worse, we experienced some, uh, “technical difficulties” in terms of logistics. We left far later than we originally intended, and being snarled in traffic along the West Side Highway certainly didn’t help matters. Ugh…

But sometimes an unexpected (and unwanted) change in plans can be a wonderful thing. Within just a few minutes of arriving at Dressel Farms in New Paltz, the rain stopped completely. The clouds parted to reveal abundant sunshine and blue skies, highlighting the gorgeous fall foliage and the lovely vistas of the Shawangunk Ridge from the farm.

All in all, the day really couldn’t have gone better. We picked several apple types – Ida Red, Empire, Fuji and Golden Delicious. We enjoyed some great food and drinks on the premises – delicious hard cider made on site, some of the best apple cider donuts we’ve ever had and a surprisingly superb yet simple hot dog. After a few hours at the farm, we strolled around New Paltz, showing our friends our favorite spots and even discovering a few “new to us” places ourselves like Eden Boutique at the Water Street Market and Lagusta’s Luscious chocolate shop. The evening was capped off with a marvelous dinner at A Tavola, hands down, my favorite Italian restaurant on the planet at the moment. We then headed home with full hearts, full bellies and a 20 pound bag of apples each 🙂

Some of my favorite shots from the day below.

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