Top Links – September 30, 2014

Happy Fall everyone! Let’s take a moment to check out my top picks for real estate news and advice from around the web.

Here are some great tips from Refinery29 on what you should be on the lookout for when looking for a rental apartment (hint: read your gosh darn lease carefully!) Insider Secrets to Getting Your Best Apartment Deal, Ever (Refinery29)

The first new gleaming building to rise in Hudson Yards is going to get here sooner than you’d think. First Hudson Yards Tower Careens Skyward, on Track for 2015  (Curbed NY)

A bit of bad news for renters – now they really need to keep their eyes out for what’s happening in terms of new developments. Push Towards Lucrative Condos Shoves Market-Rate Renters Out (NY Daily News)

Harlem real estate is, once again, really heating up. New York’s Harlem Enjoys New Real Estate Renaissance (Financial Times)

And in a similar vein, Vinegar Hill is starting to get shown some love, too! Vinegar Hill Gets Sweeter: DUMBO’s Quiet Neighbor May Be Headed for a Real Estate Boom (NY Daily News)


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