Summer Rewind – Windham UCI World Cup Downhill

UCI Downhill 3

My husband is a huge, HUGE fan of downhill mountain biking. Fortunately for him, the town of Windham, New York is frequently selected to play host to a UCI World Cup Downhill racing event in the summer. This was one of those summers 🙂 We had been previously and had an amazing time (per this post on my old blog) so we were super stoked to go back again. But this time around, we did it with a bit more “style.” Rather than making it a day trip, we stayed overnight at the lovely Van Winkle Inn in Greenville, just 30 minutes away. The owners were lovely, the breakfast was delicious and we got to meet llamas just up the road. Yep – llamas!

We also purchased VIP tickets (which, frankly, were on sale for a steal compared to the price of VIP tickets at other large scale events) which gave us access to an air conditioned lounge overlooking the festivities. It was worth it considering that the temps got up into the high 80s and low 90s that day!

Our pick to win it all, Aaron Gwin, came up just a little bit short, but it was an awesome race nonetheless. And we’re excited to go back next year when Winham hosts it again!

Some shots below from our trip.


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