Nikki’s Picks – Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park

One of the great things about moving to Brooklyn is that we’re now walking distance to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Well, we are if you consider a 40 to 45 minute stroll walking distance – which I personally do considering how much I’m on my feet, being a real estate agent and all. But that long walk is always rewarded with stunning vistas of Manhattan and lush pockets of green space.

This park just keeps getting better with each passing year. In addition to great paths for strolling, jogging and biking, it’s got a carousel, tons of food and snacking options (including Smorgasburg which runs each Sunday morning during the summer) plus designated picnic and BBQ areas. But that’s not all – this year Pier 2 opened up with some pretty extensive recreational facilities, featuring basketball courts, handball courts and Bocce courts. Plus, they recently celebrated the opening of a roller rink! But the park still isn’t complete just yet – a number of additions are on the way over the next few years, including the renovation of the Tobacco House into a performance space, St. Ann’s Warehouse.

Even if you’re not a Brooklyn resident, this park is well worth the trek to spend a lovely afternoon or evening.

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