Nikki’s Picks – Friedman’s Lunch

Friedmans Lunch

Friedman’s Lunch (via


I remember the first time my husband and I decided to try out Friedman’s Lunch. We were enjoying a leisurely stroll through Chelsea Market (one of our favorite places and the subject of a future post), and were stricken by a bought of hunger pangs. Of course, with Chelsea Market, there’s no shortage of options. No, the problem is frequently figuring out which option to choose. But Friedman’s was an easy choice – it reminded me of home.

I love living in New York City, but after nearly a decade, I do occasionally get just a wee bit homesick, and I’m thrilled when I come across anything that brings back fond memories of my life back in Georgia. Though not exclusively Southern (they’re more famous for their gluten free options), they have a number of items which really make me feel like I’m back home – biscuits, cheddar grits and fried green tomatoes, among others. The country decor doesn’t hurt either! So I guess it shouldn’t come as a surprise to some of you readers that we chose it for our post-wedding brunch after our civil ceremony at City Hall. The food definitely tasted its best on that special day 🙂

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