Top Links – June 30

Summer is officially in full swing! So let’s check out my top picks for the end of June for real estate news around the web!

Getting an accepted offer doesn’t always mean you’ll make it to the finish line. Here are some of the top deal killers and tips on how to avoid (or at least mitigate) them. Meet the Deal Killers: 8 Obstacles to a Sale and How to Overcome Them (BrickUnderground)

Looking up? Looking down? Where IS the housing market going these days? Five Take Aways: Where is the U.S. Housing Market Headed? (WSJ)

Some thoughts on why the housing market hasn’t seen the big growth in 2014 that many were predicting. The Housing Market’s Failure to Launch in 2014 (Housing Wire)

Looking to keep your rental budget at or under $2000? Here are some neighborhoods you should definitely consider. Want an Apartment in NYC for Under $2000 a Month? Look Here (NY Post)

Rejoice! The dates for Summer Streets have been announced! Summer Streets Announcement (City of NYC)


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