Top Links – June 5, 2014

Hi everyone! Long time, no post! Sorry about that! My husband and I finally took off to enjoy our honeymoon which we delayed for 6 months. It was well worth the wait! But now, I’m back in action!

So now, let’s check out my top picks for real estate news from around the web to kick off the month of June.

Buyers may finally start to see some relief when it comes to home prices. Home Prices Start Easing, to the Relief of Experts (NY Times)

Slower home price gains could be good news, since many experts believe that the supply is the real problem behind the sluggish market. Here’s the Real Reason Americans Aren’t Buying Homes (Business Insider)

The Midtown East rezoning plan may be resurrected after all…at least in part. City Plans Midtown East Rezoning to Aid Tower (WSJ)

A set of insightful questions buyers should ask themselves to help them decide if they’re ready to buy a home. Five Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home (NY Times)

Brooklyn Bridge Park has a new lovely little beach. But you can’t swim in it. Hmpf. No, wait…that’s probably a good thing. No Swimming at Brooklyn Bridge Park (Gothamist)


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