Top Links – April 7, 2014

After this weekend’s incredibly gorgeous weather, I am now convinced that spring is finally here to stay! Woo hoo!

So with that, let’s check out my top picks for real estate news from around the web to kick off the month of April (and the spring buying season).

After a rather disappointing (and frigid) winter, the housing seems to be showing more signs of life. After Hard Winter, U.S. Housing Industry Sees Signs of Pick Up (Reuters)

BrickUnderground has a great breakdown of the latest round of market data from NYC’s major brokerages. What the Latest Real Estate Numbers Really Mean for Buyers and Sellers (BrickUnderground)

Ridgewood, Queens is becoming more and more popular with creative types and is poised to become the next “it” neighborhood. Ridgewood, Queens Is Emerging As a ‘Next Big Thing’ (NY Daily News)

Brooklyn rents continue to rise throughout the borough. Glad I found my new place sooner rather than later! Median Rent in Brooklyn Hits $2,890 (NY Daily News)

And speaking of Brooklyn…the borough may see a bump in popularity with tourists thanks to a new website. Booming Brooklyn is About to Get Its Own Website (NY Daily News)



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