Getting Ready for Your Sale


Once you’ve decided that you want to sell your home (after going through the steps of my previous post, of course), you’ll need to work with your agent to get your home ready for the sales process. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Decide on the List Price

    • Work with your agent to decide this number based on the market value of your home and what you want to make from your sale.

  • Get Your Home in Order

    • Clean, paint, declutter, re-organize – do whatever you can to make your home as appealing as possible for photographs, open houses and appointments. If you need to make major repairs, get these done as soon as you can (preferably before your listing goes live!).

    • You might want to consider professional staging, especially if your apartment will be empty when listed.

    • Your agent can recommend professionals to assist with any of the tasks noted above.

  • Get Photos Taken and Have a Floor Plan Prepared

    • Your agent will coordinate getting photos done and a floor plan prepared. This can take anywhere from just a few days to a little over a week, depending upon photographer and floor plan architect availability.

  • Gather Diligence Documents

    • Your agent will contact the managing agent to find out more information about your building’s application process and buyer requirements as well important information about the building itself (i.e. most recent financials, upcoming capital improvements, impending assessments, etc).

    • You will also need to provide your copy of the offering plan. In the event you no longer have it, your agent will work with you to obtain a new copy from the managing agent.

  • Line Up Your Attorney

    • You will want to have a real estate attorney on board once you list the apartment. This will enable you to move quickly once you have an accepted offer. Make sure that your attorney specializes in New York City real estate!

Have more specific questions about getting your apartment ready for a sale? Feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help!

Nikki R. Thomas
Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker
The Corcoran Group


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